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Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems

Graduate Certificate Program

Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems


Program Description:
The Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems certificate is designed to provide the working professional with an intensive treatment in wireless systems and applications.


Program coverage includes network architecture and protocols, computer communication and networking basics, principles of network security, and techniques for preventing, detecting and recovering from attacks, as well as advanced topics that address the specific issues and challenges in the wireless and mobile environment, including wireless network provisioning and deployment, location and mobility management, security and privacy, attacks and countermeasures, mobile computing applications, and data management in networked sensor systems.


Comp Sci 5500: Computer Communications and Networks
Review of Backus normal form language descriptors and basic parsing concepts. Polish and matrix notation as intermediate forms, and target code representation. Introduction to the basic building blocks of a compiler: syntax scanning, expression translation, symbol table manipulation, code generation, local optimization, and storage allocation. Prerequisite: A "C" or better grade in both Comp Sci 3500 and Comp Sci 2500


Comp Sci 6303: Pervasive Computing
Pervasive computing aims to seamlessly integrate computing with our everyday activities, so that people do not need to be aware of computing artifacts. This course will introduce various techniques needed to realize pervasive computing, such as position tracking and ad-hoc networking. Prerequisite: A "C" or better grade in either Comp Sci 4600 or Comp Eng 5410.


Comp Sci 6302: Heterogeneous and Mobile Databases
This course extensively discusses multidatabase systems (MDBS) and mobile data access systems (MDAS). Moreover, it will study traditional distributed database issues within the framework of MDBSs and MDASs. Prerequisite: A "C" or better grade in Comp Sci 5300


Comp Sci 6600: Computer Security
The course presents various vulnerabilities and threats to information in cyberspace and the principles and techniques for preventing and detecting threats, and recovering from attacks. The course deals with various aspects and layers of security: data-level, network-level, system-level, and application-level security. Prerequisite: A "C" or better grade in both Comp Sci 3600 and Comp Sci 5200


Comp Sci 6604: Mobile and Sensor Data Management
Architectures of mobile computing systems; Mobile-IP support in mobile computing systems; location data management, Broadcasting and indexing, replication control; caching, fault tolerance and reliability of mobile systems; adhoc and sensor routing schemes, key management. Prerequisite: Comp Sci 4601

Comp Sci 6605: Advanced Network Security
Topics covered include network security issues such as authentication, anonymity, traceback, denial of service, confidentiality, forensics, etc. in wired and wireless networks. Students will have a clear, in-depth understanding of state of the art network security attacks and defenses. Prerequisite: A "C" or better grade in either Comp Eng 5420 or Comp Sci 4600


* Curriculum is subject to change. Please contact the department for up-to-date information on courses. Other courses approved by the department may be substituted for any of the above listed courses on a case-by-case basis. The administrative coordinators must approve the substitution prior to enrolling in the course.


Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements:
The only entrance requirements for students entering a Graduate Certificate Program are that they satisfy the prerequisites for any course they take in the program (these are listed above).

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