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Systems and Software Architecture

Graduate Certificate Program

Systems and Software Architecture
Department of Computer Science

Program Description:
The systems and software architect fills a critical role in today’s development process, transforming market inputs into the requirements and architecture specification of a product such that independent (often remote) development teams could implement. A focused graduate certificate training program on Systems and Software Architecting has been requested from various industrial partners. 

Curriculum*: The program of study consists of four required courses: 

  • Software Intensive Systems Architecting (Sys Eng 6167, LEC 3.0)
  • Software Requirements Engineering (Comp Sci 5099, LEC 3.0)
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (Comp Sci 5102, LEC 3.0)
  • Model Based Systems Engineering (Sys Eng 6542 / Comp Sci 6102, LEC 3.0)

Course Descriptions:

Sys Eng 6167: Software Intensive Systems Architecting
Provides the basic tools and concepts of architecting complex software intensive systems. The following topics are covered under four main sections: Architecting Process, Architecting Heuristics, Architecting Patterns and Frameworks, and Architecture Assessment.

Comp Sci 5099: Software Requirements Engineering
Software Requirements Engineering covers all the activities involved in discovering, analyzing, specifying and managing software requirements for a software system from multiple perspectives. Students will study how to elicit, analyze, specify, validate, and manage software requirements using advanced software requirements engineering methods.

Comp Sci 5102: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
This course will explore principles, mechanisms, and methodologies in object-oriented analysis and design. An object-oriented programming language will be used as the vehicle for the exploration.

Sys Eng 6542 / Comp Sci 6102: Model Based Systems Engineering
Provides the student with an understanding of the use of models to represent systems and the underlying system elements, components, etc. The student will gain proficiency in using a systems modeling language and how it can be used to shift systems engineering from a document centric paradigm to one that is model centric. 

 * Curriculum is subject to change. Please contact the department for up-to-date information on courses. Other courses approved by the department may be substituted for any of the above listed courses on a case-by-case basis. The administrative coordinators must approve the substitution prior to enrolling in the course.


Admission Requirements

Students must hold a B.S. or B.A. degree to be admitted to the graduate certificate program and must satisfy the prerequisites for any course they take in the program.

It is recommended that applicants have at least two years of work experience in the area of software development. If a student does not have the requisite work experience, successful completion of CompSci 3100 (206) Software Engineering I or equivalent is required before acceptance to the program.

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