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Software Design and Development

Graduate Certificate Program

Software Design and Development


Program Description:
The Software Design and Development Certificate provides an attractive option for working professional to expand their knowledge in Software Engineering. The core courses give an overview of software project management and its many roles, from overall project management and process improvement to the management of individual lifecycle components, including software deployment and evolution. Specialized coursework gives depth in advanced object-oriented design, requirements, software quality and testing theory and practice and an advanced treatment of software metrics.

The program consists of these courses:

Comp Sci 5101: Software Testing and Quality Assurance
This course covers unit testing, subsystem testing, system testing, object-oriented testing, testing specification, test case management, software quality requirement analysis and specification, software process improvement, and software total quality management Prereq: CS 2500


Comp Sci 5102: Object Oriented Analysis and Design
This course will explore principles, mechanisms, and methodologies in object-oriented analysis and design. An object-oriented programming language will be used as the vehicle for the exploration Prereq: CS 2500


Comp Sci 6100: Software Engineering II
A quantitative approach to measuring cost/productivity in software projects. The material covered will be software metrics used in the life cycle and the student will present topical material.


Comp Sci 6101:  Software Requirements Engineering
Software Requirements Engineering (SRE) covers all the activities involved in discovering, analyzing, specifying and managing software requirements for a software system from multiple perspectives. Students will study how to elicit, analyze, specify, validate, and manage software requirements using advanced software requirements engineering methods Prereq: CS 3100


*Curriculum is subject to change. Please contact the department for up-to-date information on courses.


Admission Requirements

The only entrance requirements for students entering a graduate certificate program are that they satisfy the prerequisites for any course they take in the program (these are listed above).

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