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Human Systems Integration (HSI)

Graduate Certificate Program

Human Systems Integration (HSI)

Program Description:
The Human Systems Integration (HSI) certificate program prepares students to have a significant impact on complex tasks involving humans. It is beneficial for army officers at Ft. Leonard Wood, defense contractors in the systems engineering degree program and others wanting to specialize in HSI. In our increased threat environment, the consequences of HSI failures will become even more critical. We can no longer afford to have a token human factors specialist added to teams addressing complex military issues. A more effective comprehensive approach is to broadly educate military personnel and defense contractors and others in HSI. An increased understanding of human performance will allow for improved performance across the areas of interest which will be gained from this certificate and will result in improved survivability in response to disasters and catastrophes.

The Human Systems Integration Certificate program consists of four of five courses. Students will be responsible for prerequisite knowledge as determined by course instructors. With the prior approval of the department, appropriate courses may be substituted for a certificate course if that course is not available.

The following 3 courses are required:

  • Eng Mgt 4330: Human Factors
  • IST 5885: Human Computer Interaction
  • ENG MGT 6310: Human Systems Integration

Choose one of the following:

  • ENG MGT 5316: Safety Engineering Management
  • IST 5887: Human-Computer Interaction Evaluation

Course Descriptions:
Eng Mgt 4330: Human Factors
An examination of human-machine systems and the characteristics of people that affect system performance. Topics include applied research methods, systems analysis, and the perceptual, cognitive, physical, and social strengths and limitations of human beings. The focus is on user-centered design technology. (Prerequisite: PSYCH 1101 - General Psychology)

IST 5885: Human Computer Interaction
An examination of issues and challenges related to the interaction between people and technology. The class explores the social and cognitive characteristics of people who use information systems. Students learn techniques for understanding user needs, interface prototyping, and interface evaluation. (Prerequisite: PSYCH 1101 - General Psychology)

ENG MGT 6310: Human Systems Integration
This course considers Human System Integration (HSI) in a variety of applications including systems acquisition and training, HSI tools, techniques, and procedures. (Prerequisite: EMGT/PSYCH 4710 - Human Factors)

ENG MGT 5316: Safety Engineering Management
This course is an introduction to the principles of safety engineering applied to industrial situations. Job safety analysis, reduction of accident rates, protective equipment, safety rules and regulations, environmental hazards, health hazards, and ergonomic hazards are covered.

IST 5887: Human-Computer Interaction Evaluation
This course covers research and analysis methods and tools for evaluation of the impact of information technology systems on humans and organizations. The focus will be on practical evaluation with the goal of providing recommendations for improving system functionality and usability. (Prerequisite: Preceded or accompanied by IST 5885 - Human Computer Interaction)

* Curriculum is subject to change. Please contact the department for up-to-date information on courses. Other courses approved by the department may be substituted for any of the above listed courses on a case-by-case basis. The administrative coordinators must approve the substitution prior to enrolling in the course.

Admission Requirements

Bachelor's, master's or PhD degree, with a minimum of 12 months of professional employment experience, or a currently enrolled student in the graduate degree program at LCIT.

Once admitted to the program, a student is given three years to complete the program so long as he/she maintains a B average in the courses taken.

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