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LCIT Financial Scholarship (LFSP)


“A program designed to help you acquire an education without any financial worries”


anybody with the drive to earn a higher education degree is welcomed at LCIT . Well aware of the financial needs of the students, the has developed its own financial aid services. 


The scholarship is provided to students on need basis. Every year, thousands of students apply for the scholarship and around 90% of them qualify for it, getting almost 75% of their fees waived. The scholarship helps the students achieve their academic and professional goals with ease 


the following diverse body of students can benefit from this exclusive financial aid package. 


Who is eligible? 


The eligibility criteria for LCIT Financial Scholarship is very minimum, making it possible for almost everybody to apply.  Those who can apply for the scholarship include: 


  •   Working Adults
  •  Veterans
  •   Job Seekers
  •  Military Officials
  •  Home school Students



How to apply?


The amount of scholarship you qualify for is communicated before you pay the enrollment fees. Keeping in view that we have a number of students applying for scholarship, you have limited time to accept the admission offer and take advantage of the scholarship. 


Here is how you can apply for a scholarship: 


1. Express your interest in the scholarship at the time of applying 


2. Specify the category for which you quality. For example, if you are a working adult, select that option when asked. 


3. Complete your admission formalities. 


If you qualify as a student, you will be notified through your student's area and through email. Your scholarship amount will also be communicated to you in the same Result Summary document. 



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  •     Phone: +442035198338
  •     Fax: +442035198338

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