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 London College of  Information Technology

London College of Information Technology provides educational and Skills Development services for Local and overseas students in a welcoming atmosphere. It supports the curriculum, extra-curricular and recreational interests of the local community by providing a rich learning environment.

One of the goals of London College of Information Technology is to support curricular instruction by providing students access to a collection of print, non-print and electronic media, along with training and Support that will promote responsible use of all available resources.


In keeping with the school's mission statement, London College of Information Technology provides a safe, ordered, secure and caring environment which promotes our students' education, self-esteem and Well-being.

London College of Information Technology continually encourages academic excellence by providing service and instruction to students, collaborate with staff members in designing learning opportunities with resources, information, and technology which enhance their learning and to promote life-long learning skills.


At LCIT , the students embark on a journey to a successful life. We have all it takes to attract students to pursue their education with complete peace of mind: flexible online classes, easy enrollments, mobile classrooms, experienced faculty, affiliated universities, 24/7 available consultancy services, state-of the-art student area, financial aid and credit transfer facility.

Our efficient educational processes do not only educate students but also make them able individuals and show them the path to success and recognition in the corporate world.

LCIT was founded on the ideals that students of all ages, from all backgrounds across the globe should have online access to accredited higher education. Veterans, professionals, and those transitioning into the workforce can earn degrees through LCIT at times and locations that are most convenient.


Busy working professionals can complete the requirements for an Associate, Bachelor, Master or even Doctoral degree programs from the comfort of their home or office, at whatever time of day is best suited to study.


At London College of Information Technology , students earn a valuable degree, but even more importantly in today’s global economy, professional credibility and the skills necessary for a thriving career. Our handpicked diverse faculty consists of appointed scholars, business leaders, and industry experts to give our students access to the best thought leaders from around the world.


Our distinctive degree programs are designed to match global trends, and the demands of non-profit organizations, non-governmental agencies, and multi-national corporations, the world over. All of our degree programs are self-paced, and designed for flexibility; when trying to maintain a career, a family, and other personal commitments, we believe it is essential that degrees have the ability to adapt to the needs of the students.


London College of Information Technology  is dedicated to ensuring an outstanding educational experience to our student body, while preparing them for dynamic careers. While the economy is in recovery mode, it is essential that job applicants show they have the knowledge, passion, background education, and professional experience needed for success. A degree from London College of Information Technology  can give you competitive advantage over your peers.


We take great pride in having a diverse student body. Our students study and earn degrees from every corner of the world, from faculty members dedicated to their learning success

We keep the admission process as simple as possible! Our free online application takes into account your career objectives, professional experience, and past education. Unlike many colleges and universities, we believe that your passion and expertise are the most important elements in determining your academic and professional success.


You can enroll in a school of your choice online without any hassle. All you have to do is simply fill out the online enrollment application, select your method of payment, and within a few minutes of submitting your enrollment form you'll receive an email containing your student ID that gives you an instant access to your personal e Campus log in Student Portal. You may also enroll by phone, just give us a call at  +448000786364 and talk to one of our admissions advisers.


The scholarship is provided to students on need basis. Every year, thousands of students apply for the scholarship and around 90% of them qualify for it, getting almost 75% of their fees waived. The scholarship helps the students achieve their academic and professional goals with ease

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